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Crotone is an important centre of commerce and industry. Its name derives from the greek Kroton, mythological hero mistakenly killed by Hercules, which je to diagnostics, promised that there would be a city that sort would bring the name killed.
Fourth largest city in the region, today Crotone is an important centre for Calabria both economically and tourism.

Crotone is situated on an area of 179.79 sq km and has a population of about 60,000 inhabitants. It faces the Ionian with approximately 50 km of coastline protected where they live in an unpolluted habitat, rare specimens of flora and fauna. To the south of Crotone was founded in 1991 Nature Reserve Capo Rizzuto, in order to protect those coasts of the Mediterranean still intact.
The town of Crotone is divided into two parts: the old, which sits on a hill, surrounded by medieval walls and modern, composed of districts dating back to 1870.
Among the rivers that cross the Marquis of Crotone include Neto, and Tacina Esaro.

The old city, surrounded by medieval walls, is home to several churches and many noble palaces.
The Cathedral, which dates to the ninth century. Lies on a plant with three naves. Inside you can admire the ceiling barrel and numerous church ornaments, decorations Baroque paintings dating back to the'600, a baptismal font twelfth century. A wooden body of the'700 and an icon of the fifteenth century. Representing the Virgin and Child, called Capocolonna, very dear to the city.
Among the buildings noble note Zurlo House that has a beautiful stone portal and style Ionic capitals.
Palazzo Olivieri - Susanna was built in 1526. The coat of arms shows a dove with an olive branch, probably a symbol of peace reached with the marriage between families Olivieri and Susanna.
Sculco Palace and Casa Turano both dated to the seventeenth century.: Architectural aspects of the'600 linked to the Spanish domination and'700, such as balconies arc.
The Castle is located in the old town of Crotone. Built nell'840 AD to defend the city dall'incursione of Saracens, was amended in 1541 by King Charles V. Presents a plant and two polygonal towers: one, more massive, called Tower and another dell'Aiutante Torre said the Commander.
To visit the Villa Comunale, a park of 2 hectares rich in trees. Inside the house, connected to the Old Town from 4 inputs, there is a staircase paved, lighted by beautiful lamps.
Because of the danger of attacks by the Turks, were strengthened coastal defenses through the construction of numerous towers. A Crotone you can see the Tower of Nao, used today in museum exhibits divers, and the Tower of Tonda, the Martello Tower, the Tower of Scifo and the Tower of Capocolonna.

A Crotone take place during the year, many cultural and religious events.
During the months of April and May Crotone houses the National Motocross Championship on sand that attracts hundreds of fans from the province and the whole region.
Dell'Aurora The Festival is held in May. It 'a festival of music and culture that testifies to the importance of light for Crotonesi: the procession of Our Lady fact ends at dawn, cosÏ as the temple of Hera was once addressed to the east. The festival concludes with a concert organized in the early morning hours.
In August the municipality of Crotone organizes Kroton Jazz Festival, known musical event. Inside the Villa Comunale are organized concerts and exhibitions of the most famous artists of the genre.
Other festivals have to remember that of Saint Dionysius (October) and that of Saint Lucia (December).
Among the Fairs not forget your antiques, the first Sunday of every month and the Festival of the Kitchen Calabrese in September.

The craft crotonese is known for art goldsmith. Handicapped goldsmiths create magnificent jewels often inspired style greek and Byzantine treated in detail and finish.
Important including woodworking, ceramics, wood, of silver and production of sacred objects.

The kitchen of Crotone makes the most products of the earth, as cereals, citrus fruits, olives, vegetables and fruit. Widespread use of chili pepper, which adds a strong flavor to foods. Among the appetizers to try the sausages and dairy products, including the provola, fresh ricotta salata, and the many butirro preserves, such as that of pummadori sicchi, pipi salted, funci all'ogghio, alivi driven, sasizze, in addition to pilchard and soppressata. Among the dishes, include homemade pasta sauce seasoned with pork or how cavateddri maccarruni and fish soup. Among the main courses, the culinary tradition of Crotone offers second fish and meat, especially pork, accompanied by delicious contours of vegetables.
Among the desserts include the typical Pitta from Madonna and sanguinazzu. A Christmas to prepare the Easter crustuli while you can enjoy cuzzupa.
The dishes must be accompanied by absolutely delicious wines: Cirò, Melissa, Hippolytus, The Valley Neto, the Sant'Anna.

We must visit the museums of Crotone to admire the many testimonies of the period greek various dominations and that the city had to endure.
The State Archaeological Museum was established in 1910 and already hosted numerous findings came to light during finds not only sporadic, but even during regular excavation campaigns. The exhibition is divided into two sections: the ground floor there are artefacts that testify to the history of the city, from prehistory to the Middle Ages, the first floor houses the main findings from the Greek sanctuaries of Crotone. In Museo Civico are preserved all the testimonies of the period of the modern and medieval. The exhibition is divided into several parts: the section of heraldry, ceramic, armory, vintage photos and a section dedicated to ancient artefacts found in the houses of the city.

A Crotone you can enjoy all kinds of sports, especially those related to the sea, such as sailing and fishing. Good sports facilities.
Do not miss the National Motocross Championship to April-May.


Crotone is well connected with the rest of the region and with other Italian cities.
The SS. 106 is the main artery that runs along the entire coast ion, while the SS. 107 Crotone - Cosenza connecting the city with the various locations of Silas.
As for the links to small distance, the rail network is not well equipped, but on the other an excellent bus service ensures links with other cities and towns in the province. The rail links to long-distance services are more efficient.
Crotone also has a good airport in the area of S. Anna, a few kilometres from the city, in the town of Isola Capo Rizzuto.
To reach Crotone you can also take the A3, with exit Cosenza. It then continues on SS. 107.

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