lunedì 1 giugno 2009

Cyprus - Deyrul Umur

Deyr Ul Umur (Mar Gabriel) (Midyat): It is 18 kilometres from east of Midyat. One of the renowned and big constructions of Süryani Kadim Community, the monastery was perched on a high hill. The foundation of the building was commenced in 397 and completed in a short period of time. Through various periods additions had been made inside and outside of the monastery. These are; shelters and prayer lodges of priest constructed during King Arkadius period, monument house constructed during King Theodosyus ( today it is in service as Virgin Mary Church)to place tombs in it,, Resuller Church, Kırk Şehitler Church, the temple where Mar Şumuel was buried, Dome of Theodora ascending on eight arches located in the southwest of the monastery, the dome constructed by the Egyptians who participated in the affairs of the monastry as they had attracted by the grandeur of the structure and the grand Tomb built by King Anastos in 512 and famous with its motifs and mosaics.

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